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New Photo Upload for Climate and Land Cover Project
The month of October is an Intensive Observing Period (IOP) for the Climate and Land Cover (CLC) Project. The GLOBE Program Office has created a photo upload link in the data entry pages for community members who are participating. These links will store your photos, which will be available on the new GLOBE visualization system in the future.  >>

GLOBE Phenology and Climate Project
The phenology and climate project is a new research effort between GLOBE schools and climate scientists to improve our understanding of how climate affects the cycles of plants. It is the newest project in the Student Climate Research Campaign (SCRC) and it is a lot of fun for teachers to do with their students.  >>

GLOBE Welcomes New Director Dr. Tony Murphy
The GLOBE Program Office (GPO) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Anthony (Tony) Murphy as director of The GLOBE Program. He assumes leadership of The GLOBE Program on 1 October from GPO in Boulder, Colorado.  >>

Carbon Cycle Earth System Science Project Materials
The GLOBE Program has been a proud collaborator with the University of New Hampshire in providing cutting-edge and engaging carbon cycle materials to the GLOBE community. GLOBE Carbon Cycle materials are now complete and available.  >>

GLOBE Website Enhancements Continue With Impactful Additions
The new GLOBE website continues to evolve with meaningful enhancements. To amplify this point, the GLOBE Program Office (GPO) technology team, in conjunction with our partners at Raytheon Web Services, has created a photo upload link in the data entry pages for community members who are participating in the Climate and Land Cover (CLC) Intensive Observing Period (IOP), which runs from 1-31 October.  >>

Calling All Artists - Enter the 2013 GLOBE Climate Calendar Competition
The time is now for your students to showcase their artistic abilities. Encourage them to participate in the first-ever student climate calendar art competition.  >>

Take part in the Phenology and Land Cover Project
The GLOBE Phenology and Land Cover Project is a new way to participate in the Student Climate Research Campaign (SCRC) Phase Two. This is a fun and easy activity. Here's how it works:  >>

Continue to take part in the Great Global Investigation of Climate and the Climate and Land Cover Project
Continue to build upon the datasets your students have already collected and encourage them to develop research projects based on the data GLOBE students have collected worldwide and can be accessed in the GLOBE database. The following projects have robust data sets from the past year of data collection.  >>

SCRC Webinars Keep You Informed
The GLOBE Program provides quarterly updates on SCRC activities, as well as other webinars on a variety of SCRC themes. For an update on recent SCRC activities and events, mark your calendars for the next webinar:  >>

Earn Badges for Participation in SCRC
Phase Two of the Student Climate Research Campaign focuses on conducting climate science research projects using GLOBE data and other long-term datasets. There are new components to Phase Two that will make participation in the campaign even more appealing to your students. Now they can earn badges for their participation in SCRC.  >>