Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation 

- Energy in the home 
We lose energy from the roof, the door, the walls and the windows. In order to reduce electricity bills and pollution, we need to keep energy losses from our homes to a minimum.

- Heat loss prevention - curtains
Curtains reduce draughts leaving the house. They are opaque and so don’t allow much radiated heat to pass through them.

- Heat loss prevention - bricks
Most outside walls have an empty space between the 2 layers of bricks called a cavity. This reduces heat loss by conduction through the bricks. Cavity wall foam insulation is pumped in between the bricks to prevent convection within the cavity.

- Heat loss prevention - windows
A great deal of energy is lost through windows. By adding an extra pane, the trapped air in between acts as an insulator to reduce heat loss by conduction. The insulating effect of the gap can be improved further by sucking all the air out to create a vacuum. Double glazing is expensive and difficult to smash without a special hammer.

- Heat loss prevention - roof
The air heated by central heating is less dense than the cooler air around it and rises. The ceilings get heated and eventually the heat escapes through the roof. Loft insulation contains trapped air which forms an insulating layer between the rooms and the attic.

- Heat loss prevention - radiators
Radiators heat the wall a great deal - this wastes heat energy. Placing shiny silver coated card between the wall and the radiator reduces heat loss by radiation by reflecting it back into the room.

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