Tamsu Marcelin

Tamsu F. Marcelin

Tamsu Fogue Marcelin hails from the town of Bafoussam in the western, French-speaking region of Cameroon. Ten years ago, at the age of seventeen, he began collecting GLOBE measurements using GLOBE atmospheric protocols to examine the seasonal changes taking place in the villages near his home. There, the economy is based on subsistence farming and Tamsu's data collection and research proved to be instrumental in raising awareness and concern about climate variability and how change might affect the growing cycle of corn. You can read about Tamsu's early involvement with GLOBE at Cameroon Students Research Effects of Climate on Local Agriculture.

After graduating from high school, Tamsu moved from his hometown to study at the University of Douala where he majored in mathematics and science. He also became involved as a member of the GLOBE Alumni network and became a certified GLOBE trainer. In 2006, Tamsu joined the Air Force of Cameroon and became certified as a military pilot.  Currently he is training to be a Tele-mechanical Engineer on fighter planes in Morocco. Despite his many responsibilities, Tamsu continues to serve as GLOBE Africa - Alumni Regional Representative and GLOBE trainer.

Tamsu writes, "GLOBE has become a part of me. Through GLOBE, I have learned so much more than had I just studied at school. Now I have more experience than I ever had. When I speak about the environment and many other subjects I use examples of things that I have experienced, have seen with my own eyes. The great part of my success in the Air Force, I attribute to knowledge gained from the GLOBE program.  With GLOBE I want to do more than learn and teach, I want to understand the entire world environment as a system and I encourage all the young people who are as enthusiastic as I am to follow me in that exciting program called GLOBE."


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This Is one Off Many, That GLOBE Program should be Proud Off !!!!

Posted on 11/25/12 4:40 PM.