Guillermo Grimaux

Guillermo Grimaux

Guillermo Grimaux of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a young industrial engineer currently working on economic evaluation and environmental impact assessment reports for engineering projects in Argentina and other countries. He is also a member of the GLOBE Alumni Network. "I continue to remain interested in, and involved with GLOBE," writes Guillermo,  "because I believe that one of the best ways to understand and study the Earth is to work locally, but think globally, and the GLOBE Program provides the opportunity to do that."

Guillermo attributes his choice of career to his formative years as a GLOBE student. For twelve years he attended "Los Molinos" a GLOBE school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and participated in GLOBE activities in middle school and high school. He and his fellow students and teachers began working with various GLOBE protocols, collecting and submitting data, and using the data in various research projects such as determining water quality in rivers near the school. They also grew a vegetable garden and studied various plant processes. 

In 1998, at the age of 12, Guillermo traveled from Argentina to Finland to take part in the GLOBE Learning  Expedition (GLE) in Helsinki. It was, for Guillermo, an extraordinary opportunity to meet other GLOBE students, teachers and scientists and to learn about their research.  The experience was instrumental in encouraging Guillermo's budding interest in science and the environment.

Upon graduation from high school, Guillermo continued to remain interested and active in GLOBE.  As a member of the group of GLOBE students that initiated the GLOBE Alumni Network, he became actively involved in organizing educational workshops, raising environmental awareness during the International Polar Year(s), which included two Pole to Pole video conferencing events, and helping the Latin American+Caribbean GLOBE Region implement the Seasons and Biomes Project.  Guillermo has participated in Annual Conferences in Thailand (2006), San Antonio, Texas (2007), Cape Town, South Africa (2008), in international workshops (Alaska), and trainings and other projects related with the GLOBE Program.


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