GLOBE News: Sept 2016


Now that you have gotten past the mad rush of the start of school, I hope you take a deep breath and think about how to implement GLOBE in your school.


We are offering two professional development opportunities this fall: Online GLOBE Practicum and STEM Quick Stops.

The Online GLOBE Practicum is your opportunity to put GLOBE into practice. You can earn credit AND a stipend (SD teachers only). We are having a Google Hangout for Practicum participants and potential participants on Tuesday, October 4 at 8:30PM CDT. You will need a Google Account to participate. Please email if you are interested and I will send out an invite to the Hangout about 15 minutes before the start.  (Read more: Online GLOBE Practicum)

STEM Quick Stops will be delivered via DDN and is mostly focused on Elementary GLOBE EXCEPT for the first session, Monday, Oct 24. We will be covering the new aerosols content and for South Dakota teachers there is a stipend attached if you attend the session and submit cloud or aerosol data.

You can sign up for both of these at


Speaking of clouds, GLOBE now has a citizen science app that can be used to collect observations about clouds. This app is distinct from the one you use to collect data from your GLOBE monitoring sites. BUT, you are encouraged to use this personally as well as share it with your students as a life long learning opportunity.


Earth Science Week is October 9 - 15. I have Earth Science Kits to mail out. Let me know ASAP if you would like one.

Earth Science Week is also an opportunity for you to earn a stipend. Set up a site (if you haven't already) and collect and report data on two different days during the month of October. Send me a picture or email, telling me how the monitoring went. You will be eligible for $100 stipend.


Need classroom supplies to do GLOBE activities? Whether it's soil thermometers, water quality testing equipment, or a rain gauge we have a mini-grant for that. Apply today!

Feel free to contact me with questions. I hope to see  your data soon.

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