SD GLOBE News: Oct 2016


You have a few days remaining to participate in October's Earth Science Challenge. Collect and report data twice during the month of October and you will receive a $100 stipend.

Congratulations so far to Julie Olson and Lisa Bahe for completing the challenge! Lisa wrote: 

We were able to get out and get a site picked....  Kids did much better the second day and it went a lot quicker the second time.  We will hopefully try to collect data 2-3 times per month for class. We were able to do cloud cover, air temperature and surface temperature,... they (the students) have done well - they enjoy being able to get outside as do I.

There will be other stipend challenges over the course of the year. Next up: start planning now to participate in the December Surface Temperature field campaign

GLOBE Mini Learning Expedition

Recently, I took a team of high school students on a day long mini-expedition. We kayaked around La Framboise Island and took water quality readings. We also used the GLOBE Observer App. This was a student version of the GLOBE Teacher Expedition I do in June. And yes, the SD Educator GLOBE Learning Expedition will be offered again, dates to be announced.

Taking a t-tube reading

Speaking of Learning Expeditions, have you read the update about the GLOBE Africa Expedition?. Inspiring stuff!


I will be archiving all these announcements and emails on my GLOBE blog. I will also (hopefully) be posting other pictures and announcements so I encourage you to subscribe. And did you know that as a GLOBE user you can have your own GLOBE blog


If you want to do GLOBE but aren't sure where or how to start, let me know. I do have some travel money so I can come and support you through the site set up and first day out with your students. I'm also available to help you process which protocols to do and when. I'm just an email or phone call (605-224-8295) away!

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