Presently there are several types of Aeropods that can be created. Aeropods are the result of development efforts at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Aeropods: an aerodynamically stabilized instrument platform for kites and tethered balloons:


Monopod, aka MonoCam: an Aeropod with a single, generally low cost, camera - used for basic training

Git2P Monocam


Videopod- captures continues color video of a study area


Minipod- 100% 3D printed aeropod with a small camera attachment. Good introductory device because of the low cost camera and accompanying kite.


TwinCam- Captures near identical images with both a color and near-inrared camera. Used to create vegetation classification images for use in agriculture, invasive species mitigation, etc.

Profiler: Aeropod for atmospheric properties

Once you have obtained a NASA license for developing your own Aeropods, please feel free to use this site for highlighting and sharing your ideas and concepts.