Kite Recommendations

You might wish to start everyone with an easy-to-build Frustrationless Flyer kite kit - takes about an hour for anybody (including decorating!):
don't forget to supply students with some colorful markers.

The Hata is relatively inexpensive ready to go kite and flies in a wide wind range of conditions.  It is a good starter kite for sure with a great color selection:

The 7 ft Delta is a go-to kite for practicing and advancing and it will carry small Aeropods in moderate winds:
For this kite, you'll need 80# line:
You will also need swivels (stainless ball bearing preferred):
Finally, with these kites and string, for safety purposes, you will need to wear gloves:

When flying a kite, at least a large kite a Carabiner is a good idea for recovery:

Next up are the "biggies," the big kites which require flyers to be very proficient with flying, team work and communications, while having plenty of space to fly.  Kite choices include, from lightest with to strongest wind,:
10 ft Alpine DC
9 ft Delta Lite
9 ft Delta
10 sqft Parafoil:
All of these can carry Aeropods in the proper conditions.
These kites require a stronger string, so 110# string is recommended: