Wind Speed Challenge

GLOBE/AREN Project Engineering Design Challenge “Measuring Wind Speed:  Build an Anemometer”



Wind Speed Challenge Press Release



Goal -- Engineer a low-cost electronic or non-electronic anemometer (tool for measuring the speed of wind).

Driving Question -- How can you engineer a low-cost tool for measuring wind speed?

Timeframe -- Announcement of Challenge on April 1, 2019. Product submitted by May 31, 2019

GLOBE Alignment -- The GLOBE Program does not have a protocol for determining wind speed.  The GLOBE Program supports the AEROKATS and ROVER Education Network (AREN) Project, which utilizes kites to collect data.  In order to safely fly a kite, it is important to determine wind speed.  Whether you are flying alone or in a busy park, it is good to remember the three C’s of kite safety –Caution, Courtesy, and Common Sense.  This challenge provides the opportunity for the GLOBE community to engineer a low cost (less than $30) method of determining wind speed that could be used throughout the world.