Join the AREN Project

If you are interested in having your students participate in the AREN Project, please take a moment to complete a very short survey.  



















Examples of student participation through the AREN Project:

  1. Using GLOBE protocols to participate in the GLOBE Virtual Science Fair.
  2. Using GLOBE protocols to participate in the Regional GLOBE Student Research Symposia.
  3. AEROKATS Mission Design including Pre/Post Flight Data Collection, Safety and Operations.
    • Aerial imaging of school sites and study sites.
    • Atmospheric profiling.
    • Advanced aerial imaging.
  4. Use of NASA resources in classroom work, cross-collaborating with other NASA projects.
  5. Trees around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign
  6. GLOBE Urban Heat Island Effect/Surface Temperature Field Campaign
  7. Citizen Science with the GLOBE Observer App
  8. Engineering challenges incorporating AREN technology.
  9. Re-engineering AREN technology.


There are Partners and a User Community.  Users do not necessarily have to go through any formal AREN training.  Although, in most cases, Users will have AREN training.


Before joining the AREN User Community, it is important for you to answer a few questions about AREN to assess your interest in the project.

  1. What is the AREN Project?
  2. Are you involved in Formal (Middle School/High School) or Informal Science Education?
  3. What is the GLOBE Program?
  4. What do you hope to gain from the AREN Project?   Competency with --  Kites, Aerial Imaging, Atmospheric Profiling, Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Data Collection from Remote Control Boats, Earth Science, GLOBE, Rapid Prototyping, Mathematics, Water Quality
  5. As a Middle School/High School teacher, what are your outcomes for your students aligned to the AREN Project?
  6. As an informal science educator, what is your audience?
  7. To get a feel of the AREN Project -- Fly a Starter Sonde and share your thoughts and interest.


Foundational Skills of the AREN Project:

  1. Kite Safety
  2. Rover Safety
  3. Data Collection and Instrumentation
  4. NASA Resources --
  5. General AREN Competency
  6. AREN is Under NASA's Earth Science Mission Directorate --


NASA has developed many resources to support educators and students participating in the AREN Project.  They include:

  1. NASA Resources for Teachers
  2. NASA Resources for Students



Mapping Our Audience / Models of Professional Development / Meeting YOUR Needs

  1. Formal 5-12 Education
  2. Informal Education
  3. Girls Only STEM Club -- Model USF 
  4. Rouge Education Project
  5. Teachers Who Are Interested
  6. 3 Day General Workshop
  7. Community Citizen Science for Adults
  8. Volunteer Work with Corporations
  9. Kite Competency
  10. GLOBE Training
  11. Student Research Projects
  12. GLOBE Aerial Imaging Campaign (Measurement Campaigns)
  13. Adding AREN to GLOBE Teacher and School Pages
  14. Integrating GLOBE Protocols with AREN Mission Launch and Landing Data Sheets
  15. Rapid Prototyping of Areopods
  16. Mathematics -- Data Analysis and Computational Thinking
  17. AREN as a model within a "maker space"
  18. Alignment to Earth Science - NGSS