NASA Cross-Collaborations

NASA Cross-Collaborations

The AREN Project is featured in NASA's Spinoff 2018!

The AREN Project is a community member of the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) STEM Activation Community.  The community provides content and strategies for formal and informal educators and the public to enable learning, build science literacy and support national and local goals to improve science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics literacy and practice.

A graphic representation of the Science Activation Collection.

Within this community is the Science Education SciAct Collective which is composed of 27 institutions from across the United States that develop and implement education programming using SMD's science content, subject matter experts and facilities.  Each of the institutions received a NASA CAN Award at the end of 2015 and began implementation of the Award during January, 2016.  Although the AREN Project works with all of the other 26 institutions, AREN has developed specific cross-collaborations with institutions that can benefit from the AREN Project or the AREN Project gains benefit through the cross-collaboration.  

A student from Crestwood High School, in Dearborn Heights, MI, was a participant in this NASA Cross-Collaboration.  Crestwood HS is a pilot partner in the AREN Project.  You can learn more about her participation by clicking here.

The institutions and projects within this cross-collaboration are:

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies -- "NASA Earth Science Education Collaborative"

Southwestern Community College -- "TE: Smokey Mountains STEM Collaborative: Bridging the Gaps in the K-12 to Post-Secondary Education Pathway"

University of Alaska, Fairbanks -- "Arctic and Earth Signs"

University of Colorado, Boulder -- "Enhancement of Astronomy and Earth Science Teaching Using High Resolution Immersive Environments"

University of Toledo -- "Mission Earth: Fusing GLOBE with NASA Assets to Build Systemic Innovation in STEM Education"

University of Washington, Seattle -- "Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline" (NESSP)

WGBH -- "Bringing the Universe to America's Classrooms"

The AREN Project receives infrastructure support from:

Earth to Sky / National Park Service


Goddard Space Flight Center / Education

JSC / Astromaterials

Solar System Ambassadors


The Cross-Collaboration Matrix for the entire SciAct Program can be found HERE.