The AEROKATS and ROVER Education Network (AREN) introduces NASA technologies and practices in authentic, experiential learning environments. Low-cost instrumented systems for in-situ and remotely sensed Earth observations include kite-based “AEROKATS”, and remotely controlled aquatic and land-based “ROVERS”.


AREN technologies and lesson development are NGSS aligned and provide necessary science literacy skills. Data capture and visualization tools, designed to integrate with the GLOBE Program, enable the expansion of GLOBE study sites with transects and vertical profiles.  Engineering Design concepts are embedded in student development of platform and instrument systems. Training, safety practices, and STEM challenges are a focus of the AREN Team, concurrently advancing student research projects investigating Earth science related phenomena.


In AREN, we…..

Strive to understand our changing Earth in order to make informed decisions.

NASA helps us do that globally; AREN helps us do that locally.


In AREN, we…..

Follow protocols and procedures that help answer a science mission question, including collecting baseline data


In AREN we...

  • Plan and prepare for a launch
  • Launch kites
  • Attach payloads
  • Collect data
  • Conduct post-mission debrief
  • Analyze and share our data


AREN evaluation provides information on how this mission will be accomplished.