New Mexico Military Institute

New Mexico Military Institute

I teach 3 sections of high school  earth science (about 45 students) and one section of college physical geology. Our fall earth sciences classes have 5 chapters dealing with the atmosphere, weather and climate.  Use of the AERPODS is going to be an exciting addition to our lab activities.

It’s going to be a great hands on project for the students to use as well as a fantastic real world learning experience.

NMMI is located in Roswell, NM. The school was founded in 1891 and has an enrollment of about 900. We are a boarding school, so the students live and go to classes here at NMMI.  We have students here from all over the world:  Mexico, China, South Korea, Russia, Poland just to name a few.  If students elect to do so they can attend NMMI for 6 years, freshman high school through two years of Junior college.

As a final note, I’m an previous NOAA oceanographer, a general class ham radio operator and about as geeky as you can get!  I love to bring technology in to the classroom.

LTC  Kimbler
Associate Professor of Earth Science