Hopes for the Summer Institute and L2R

I am very excited to be a part of the L2R cohort, and I believe that this will be a great learning experience for me. I hope to share the information I learn with my fellow science teachers at my school. In addition, I hope to be able to collaborate and brainstorm with other teacher around the USA. Sometimes I forget that other teachers across the country are facing the same challenges that I am, and it would be great to get different perspectives and to share ideas.

By collaborating with other teachers I hope to discover new activities and ways to teach my content. Other teachers may have tried different methods or activities on certain content and have found success. Collaboration is a big thing at our school, and I hope that this community is open to collaboration. It is beneficial to the teachers but also the students when we share ideas.

It has become more and more important to develop and create engaging meaningful lessons and units. During the summer institute and time working with the cohort, I hope to develop a research project with students about land features and soils that will be engaging and meaningful to them.