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Anne Lewis, modified 5 Years ago.
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I was interested in setting up a phenological garden at our science center. However, when I check in the USA National Phenology Network, I can't find much on where to get cloned plants. It looks like they only connect you with cloned lilacs.

I won't be putting this on the ground for a while yet, but I just wanted to check in to see if any discussion is occuring? 
Todd Toth, modified 5 Years ago.
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Contact Tony Murphy. I have not heard any discussion on cloned or uncloned lilacs in a long time.

Todd Toth
Travis Andersen, modified 5 Years ago.
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Most of the plants can only be obtained from nurseries in Europe.  You can just plant Syringa x chinensis (lilac) and still do the protocol.  Data entry for Lilac Phenology is being developed and will be available come Spring of the coming year in case you want to use both cloned and common lilacs.

Thank you

Rick Landenberger, modified 5 Years ago.
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There is a link to the Jung Seed Company on the NPN's 'Nature's Notebook' page (https://www.usanpn.org/nn/cloned-lilacs), or call them directly at 1-800-247-5864. I bought five clones two years ago from Jung and planted them around Morgantown. They're doing well, will flower this year.



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