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Looking for Budburst Protocol

Anne Lewis, modified 4 Years ago.
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I am looking for the Budburst protocol. I understand that the actual protocol has been archived.

In doing the Alaskan Mystery Data activity, I think having the protocol on hand would be helpful to have as a reference to help learners understand what kinds of data were collected and how.
Amy Barfield, modified 4 Years ago.
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The Green-Up Protocol is a currently used protocol that is most like the Budburst Protocol that has been archived. The Green-Up Protocol (found here: http://www.globe.gov/documents/355050/355099/Green-Up+protocol/ac287b49-8559-4f98-b9e5-a1421f5ae336) has students monitoring budburst and leaf growth of native plants to estimate the beginning of growing season. The methods used are the same or similar to the ones used in the Budburst Protocol. 
Marcy Seavey, modified 4 Years ago.
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The Green-Up Protocol that Amy shared is basically Bud-Burst and then what you could do for the next couple of weeks/months.  If you stop at the date the buds burst then you will be doing the old Bud-Burst Protocol.


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