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360 Biomes

Scott M Graves, modified 3 Years ago.
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Thinking about Biomes. With all the GLOBE fellows around the world, I think it would be great if we each/all collected 360 pics/video of our “biomes”. We could make a global collection of immersive 360 views, as a teaching tool... and just a cool way to share our native landscapes... maybe with metadata on average annual precipitation, temperatures, basic soils info, etc...What do you all think?
heres an example: https://theta360.com/s/eyycYv5jrdhk4Q48GuGTL2YL2
Michael Jabot, modified 3 Years ago.
Youngling Post: 1 Join Date: 4/28/14 Recent Posts
I think that this is a FANTASTIC idea!!! Count me in!!
Cassie Soeffing, modified 3 Years ago.
Youngling Post: 1 Join Date: 1/2/13 Recent Posts
I think it is a wonderful idea also! I'm all in


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