Bowling Green State University: Comparing SMAP Block Pattern Protocol Measurements and the SMAP Satellite

Have you ever wondered how to collect data using a GLOBE protocol and compare that data to that of a satellite flying at over 15,000 Mph (24,140 Kmh)? A group of freshman students, under the instruction of Dr. Jodi Haney, at Bowling Green State University did just that.

As part of the ENSO Student Research Campaign, these students conducted research by collecting soil moisture, surface temperature, cloud cover, and relative humidity. Date-stamped comparisons were conducted among all these variables.

The student compared several data variables in their research and tied it all into how soil moisture is affected by water in our environment.

By collecting GLOBE protocol data and comparing it to NASA satellite data, a more robust dataset allows for a better understand on your local environment potentially affects the larger global picture. Knowing what happens locally can be a way for others to take the same action to know just what's going on in their "backyards."

We hope to have Dr. Hany and her students present at a future ENSO Student Research Campaign Webinar.

Click HERE to see the entire research project!

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