ICESat-2, Trees, and You!

We breathe in the oxygen they produce, clamber up their branches, pick their delicious fruits and sit in their shade – and now it’s time for trees to have the spotlight!

NASA’s ICESat-2 mission wants to meet you and your favorite tree. It could be a giant sequoia or a maple sapling, a wetland mangrove or a desert cactus. It could be a favorite climbing tree, a place for reflection, a support for a swing, or anything else meaningful to you. Create a short video starring you and your tree, and it could be included in a NASA video feature on an upcoming citizen science project.

In orbit later this year, ICESat-2 will measure the height of Earth’s surface below, from ice to oceans to forests. As the satellite scans the forests, we want you to help with the trees in your neighborhood.

For more information, and to submit video clips, visit:


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