See the latest NASA ENSO Images HERE!

Check out the latest and greatest images, from NASA, associated with the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event.

These images that you will see show sea surface height anomalies with the seasonal cycle (the effects of summer, fall, winter, and spring) removed. The differences between what we see and what is normal for different times and regions are called anomalies, or residuals. When oceanographers and climatologists view these "anomalies" they can identify unusual patterns and can tell us how heat is being stored in the ocean to influence future planetary climate events. Each image is a 10-day average of data, centered on the date indicated.

Check it out HERE!

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Thanks for posting this. It is very interesting to see the correlation between the sea surface height and the seasonal cycle. I find that understanding what "anomalies" are is also challenging, and feel like you explained it very well. Fascinating that we are able to determine how much heat is being stored in the oceans using satellite technology.
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