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About the Country   Through the use of environmental science related activities and an integration of western science practices and traditional ecological knowledge, students...
MRU Education students-Off-campus commitment creates lasting bond Oct 17, 2019 Earlier this semester, 79 third-year Mount Royal University teacher candidates hit the road for some off-campus,...
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GLOBE Canada Country Coordinators: Carol and Bill Batycky 1055 Edgemont Road NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3A 2J5 Telephone: 403-239-3611 Fax: Email: GLOBE Canada Regional...

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  • 4880 Students
  • 210 Educators
  • 65 Pre-service Teachers
  • 7244 GLOBE Observers
  • 52024 Data Entries
  • 394 Schools / Informal Education Organizations
  • 29 Honor Rolls
  • 8 Trainers
  • 1 Mentor Trainer
  • 217 People Trained
  • 45 Workshops Held

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