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Through the use of environmental science related activities and an integration of western science practices and traditional ecological knowledge, students develop an enlightened recognition of the relationship of self, community and their place.

The opportunities to make connections on a global scale are promoted as GLOBE Canada schools share knowledge and collaborate on environmental activities.

Science activities include environmental assessments in the fields of atmosphere, hydrology, soils, and land cover/phenology; collecting and reporting data; creating maps and records that describe traditional lands and uses; and collaborating with community members, elders, environmental monitors, other teachers and students, and scientists.

The following website has been supported by Canadian elementary school teachers, secondary teachers, curriculum development personnel and post secondary instructors and professors, many of them using the GLOBE program.  Many of these individuals have made long term commitment to engaging students, teachers and communities through a wide range of experiential and place-based activities. They have supported a wide variety of field studies and outdoor activities by examining hazards, and managing risk through creating standards and related training for teachers who lead experiential activities. This website provides many resources and examples of place-based activities to help you develop your own activities.

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