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NARM Professional Learning Workshop: Hydrosphere Protocols and Microplastics AND Science Action Club's Cloud Quest Leadership Training

Partnership(s) Hosting: WestEd/UC Berkeley
Audience: GLOBE Partners and Educators
Maximum Number of Participants: 30

 and Science Action Club



The WestEd/UC Berkeley and the California Academy of Sciences/Science Action Club GLOBE Partnerships are pleased to invite you to attend an in-person hydrosphere/microplastics and Cloud Quest training. Day One of the training will focus on the implementation of a 4-day pacing guide to investigate our waterways for microplastics and determine water quality using GLOBE protocols. Day Two will focus on training educators in GLOBE's Cloud protocol from Science Action Club's "Cloud Quest" unit for middle schoolers in out-of-school time.

On day one, participants will experience hands-on engagement of a 4-day microplastics pacing guide. Participant engagement includes a sink or float microplastics activity; content about what microplastics are and why they are important to investigate; GLOBE hydrosphere protocols such as transparency, alkalinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and nitrates; plus a microplastics lab with filtration units and microscopy and summary learning poster. A microplastics lab investigation kit will be made available to all participants who attend this training. Participants are encouraged to bring or send a 1 L sample of water they wish to analyze for microplastics. Don’t want the hassle of bringing a water sample? No worries, our setting will be at the boathouse on beautiful Lake Merritt in Oakland. You can take a kayak out and collect your own water sample or collect your water from the bank of the lake.

On day two, participants will practice activity demos that teach the youth and educators discrete skills that build into an outdoor Sky Survey observing and documenting cloud data that is used to understand climate. Participants will use tools to measure sky color, cloud coverage and more while deepening their education practice through STEM facilitation strategies. Interested participants can enroll in Science Action Club at the end of the day and will have access to Science Action Club's kit of materials, curriculum, and online training. Kits are available for purchase on a sliding scale basis. Contact to reserve one for your program or visit our webpage to learn more. 

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Recommended Airport:​​​​​​​ Oakland International
Recommended Hotel: Oakland Marriott City Center 1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607 ($275/night)
Airport to Hotel: BART or Uber or Lyft
Hotel to NARM Site: Uber or Lyft (1.6 miles, 30 minute walk)
Event Topics: Meetings Workshops

Events origin: North America


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