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New Version of the Visualization System has been Released

A new version of the visualization system has been released that includes a much improved and simpler interface for teachers and students to find and visualize their data.  Improvements include:

Simplified Interface

  • Management tools for layers and filters have been place in a centralized location.

  • A cleaner top banner/navigation has been implemented with the date map always visible

Vis image 1

Improved Site Information Window

  • Plot data for both measurements and data counts is now immediately available for each measurement type on your site. Quickly get your plot data for the past 30 days, 1 year or create a custom plot date range

  • View portions or all of your data in a table in a single step

  • Easily add a site to a multi-site plot to compare data for up to 6 sites

  • Easily view your site and school information


vis image 2


vis 3 image



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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office