Tracking the Number of Observations Per User on a GLOBE Team

I've heard a number of folks wish they could track how many observations individual users have performed in a GLOBE team.  We're working on building that out on the website, along with tracking individual student contributions for schools.  In the mean time, I made this spreadsheet which will figure it out for you if you know the user's UserID.  Enter the date range, protocol and a list of UserIDs, and the spreadsheet will present how many measurements that user has performed for that protocol and date range.  As a reminder, UserIDs are located in GLOBE Observer under the gear/settings icon, and under Account Settings if logged in on the website. UserIDs are not publicly available - only the User can see their UserID.

You can find the spreadsheet here.

Note - on downloading the spreadsheet, you will probably need to "enable content" to allow it to call the GLOBE API to populate the information.


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