Climate Initiatives Around the GLOBE

By Grace Crain-Wright (GIO Science Coordinator) and Denise “Skye” Yost (GIO Assistant Director)

The GLOBE Program supports and encourages climate-focused activities that allow participants to look at the Earth as a system and the interconnectedness of the four GLOBE spheres: Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere and Pedosphere.

A way that many GLOBE regions and countries, including the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO), support climate-focused activities and data collection is through the creation and implementation of GLOBE Campaigns, Intensive Observation Periods (IOPs), Data Challenges and other initiatives.

Earth Day is another way that the GLOBE community celebrates the Earth as a system and climate-focused research. Each year, GIO encourages the GLOBE community to participate in an Earth Day challenge or activity that highlights GLOBE protocols. This activity is outlined below for 2023! 

This blog outlines the ongoing, current and upcoming climate-focused initiatives across the entire GLOBE community including GLOBE Campaigns and IOPs and Earth Day Activities. All of these initiatives encourage GLOBE students to collect and interact with GLOBE data.

Additionally, this blog features a GLOBE Community Spotlight with GISN member, Yashraj Patil, who has been an active GLOBE member since 2019 and is focused on climate research using spatial data and artificial intelligence.

Current and Upcoming GLOBE Campaigns and IOPs 

Note: Links to data initiatives provided where available.

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2023 Earth Day Activity

The 2023 Earth Day celebration is the 28th anniversary of The GLOBE Program with the theme, "GLOBE for All: Connecting our Community." To celebrate, GIO is encouraging GLOBE students to participate in an activity that will allow them to COLLECT, VISUALIZE and CONNECT.

To learn more about the activity and how to participate, visit the 2023 Earth Day Activity page.

GLOBE Community Spotlight: Yashraj Patil

Yashraj Patil has been a member of the GLOBE community since 2019 as an active Citizen Scientist and member of the GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN). He is trained in Atmosphere and Biosphere protocols and has mentored and worked with several GLOBE students. Patil is also a United Nations Global Diplomacy Fellow for Spring 2023 Class at the UNITAR. He actively uses GLOBE protocols and data in his research pursuing his Masters of Technology in Engineering Design at Symbiosis International (Deemed University) with a focus on Earth-observations using Artificial Intelligence and Spatial Data Analysis based techniques.

When asked about how Patil has used GLOBE data in his research, he responded,

“As the majority of important biospheric and atmospheric data can be found in temperate and tropical zones, it is useful to understand how tree data varies from one country to another in the tropical and temperate zone bands. Secondly, studying the cloud cover from across the world and the different kinds of cloud formation that occur over a region assists the understanding of the cloud formation cycle caused by ocean warming, whether it is regular or irregular.

GLOBE Protocols are highly effective as they allow me to create a novel methodology for gathering data and correlating it. One purpose of doing this is for people who start a research project on a similar investigation around the world to develop a generalized technique.”

Patil and his colleagues climbing the Trans-Himalayas, discussing the rock formations and sediment remains following the Flash Flood Stream caused by the 2023 Cloud Burst Incident at Saboo Village near Leh City, Ladakh.Patil and his colleagues climbing the Trans-Himalayas, discussing the rock formations and sediment remains following the Flash Flood Stream caused by the 2010 Cloud Burst Incident at Saboo Village near Leh City, Ladakh. Photo courtesy of Yashraj Patil.

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