Just when you think that perhaps the weather systems are settling down- our amazing scientific instruments are able to detect a potential change! I never cease to be amazed at what we are able to learn about Earth's systems- both from the ground and from space! 

This article from the New York Times just came across my newsfeed- "It's Like it Never Left: Another El Nino May be on the Way".

In the article, it states that "Among the potential effects are wetter conditions across the southern United States, including Southern California; a drier Midwest; and drought in parts of Africa, Asia and South America." 

One of the neat things about the ENSO Student Research Campaign is that it enables teachers and scientists to use real world events and tie these to the very real need for ongoing data collection. Wouldn't it be neat to see if we are noting a change in the variables we are looking at with the ENSO campaign? 

The article goes on to state that "In their latest forecast, released Thursday, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other organizations said that conditions were currently neutral, with normal sea-surface temperatures. But there is now about a 50 percent chance of El Niño in the second half of the year, they said."

Let's work on collecting data on a regular basis and sharing it to see if we are seeing changes in the typical weather patterns. One good method of doing this has been championed and recorded monthly by GLOBE scientist and teacher, Mike Jabot from SUNY! You can see examples of the data he has faithfully had his students collect and which he places in an easy to use word doc and sends to me to post every month.

We would love more data to use to compare and contrast what our GLOBE schools are finding around the world. Please send me your data, and I will post it and will write a blog to compare and contrast what you are finding with other locations and with NASA satellites. We will also be sure to mention your name and school!

Also, feel free to send me any news stories you come across on the changing ENSO patterns!



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