There will be a special Google hangout for GLOBE teachers and scientists on Feb 15 at 7pm (ET).  During this event, we will learn about the results of the research from several scientists who were onboard the research vessel, and will have a chance to ask questions about this work and results.

No registration required- open to any GLOBE teacher and/or scientist! Please share this!

GLOBE Educator Webinar - Feb 15, 7pm ET

Agenda below:

Overview (~45 min program)

Learn about an ongoing Earth science expedition with NASA scientists studying microscopic ocean particles in the Pacific. The 'Sea to Space Particle Investigation' on the Schmidt Ocean Institute Research Vessel Falkor is monitoring phytoplankton through a variety of methods. Data from this cruise will be used to improve NASA satellite products and ultimately benefit society.

Agenda below:

• Introductions (Carlie)

• Shipboard NASA scientists: Chief Scientist Ivona Cetinić, Antonio Mannino, Stephanie Uz, Shoreside NASA scientist: PACE Project Scientist Jeremy Werdell

• Stephanie: North Pacific atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns (including precipition). Physics along the cruise track. How we’re measuring it.

• Ivona: Phytoplankton particles and measurements (what we’re measuring and how)

• Antonio: Ocean’s carbon cycle. Measurements on this cruise, related to calcium carbonate, etc.

• Jeremy: How data from this cruise will benefit existing ocean color and PACE

          and a little time for Questions and Answers!


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You can watch the recording here: