One of NASA's scientists, Dr. Stephanie Uz, has been working closely with the GLOBE ENSO Campaign throughout its beginning. She is an oceanographer who studies the response of ocean biology to physical forcing through remotely sensed satellite data, in situ measurements, model output and statistical reconstructions using proxies. Her research focuses on variability in global ocean color or chlorophyll concentrations, the pigment in microscopic phytoplankton, and the physical mechanisms causing those changes. Dr. Uz coordinates communication for the Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem (PACE) Project – an ocean color satellite being designed and built at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and planned for launch in 2022. She also works closely with NASA, NOAA and university scientists to translate important, complex climate science concepts into clear, engaging ClimateBits – short narrated visualizations that play on YouTube and Science On a Spheres installed at museums around the world. And, she is going to be working closely with us for the next few months as she embarks on a research cruise!

This Schmidt Ocean Institute cruise is called the "Sea to Sky Particle Investigation Cruise" and is being led by Chief Scientist, Dr. Ivona Cetinic, of NASA/GSFC. The Sea to Sky Particle Investigation Cruise will aim to improve the accuracy of particle size distribution products gathered from satellite and remote-sensing data records. These records contain critical information that can improve our understanding of how Earth’s living marine resources and carbon sequestration are responding to rising carbon dioxide levels as well as climate changes. The hope is that the application of instruments developed in conjunction with this expedition will allow an unprecedented view into the biological, geological, and chemical mechanics of the ocean – both in a local and global manner.

We plan to involve and include GLOBE teachers and students throughout this research investigation! Join us on Dec. 6th at 8 pm (EST) to hear more from Dr. Uz about this trip and her research interests. On Feb. 1st, we will invite all GLOBE teachers and their students to join us in a "Google Hangout" at 2 pm (EST) to take a real-time tour of the research ship and to learn more from the lead scientist, Dr. Ivona Cetinic and others aboard this ship. We will have regular blogs as the ship leaves port on January 24th and will conduct research through Feb. 20th. We will also have a special GLOBE teacher hangout on Feb. 15th at 7 pm EST so you can learn the latest about the results of the research they have been conducting. We will also be sharing teaching resources directly related to this research so you and your students can be involved in authentic scientific research. Once we have the links to share for these Google Hangout events, we will share them.

As you read over this, what are some things you would like to know about this research? Anything you would like us to try to do to include you and your students in this opportunity? How can we assist you in helping your students better understand how NASA scientists conduct their research and report their results to others? We so value your feedback and participation!

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