We had a fabulous webinar this afternoon in which students in both North America and South America shared their work on using GLOBE protocols to learn more about water in their environment. Meriam Kalloe, the GLOBE Assistant Country Coordinator for Suriname, brought together many students from Anton Resida Middle School who shared information on their use of several GLOBE hydrology protocols to study the quality of water in three locations near their school. They plan to continue to monitor the quality of the water in those three sites. Then Jeff Bouwman's middle school students from Shumate Middle School in Gibralter, MI shared the process they use to collect soil moisture data from their schoolyard. We then headed back down south to Buenos Aires to hear from several students at the All Saints School to hear about water in their environment, and learn what they have discovered about water quality in the river near their school. All of these schools are interested in collaborating during the next school year! You can watch the archived webinar here

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