About the School

We'd like to share with you some information about our school.

It is called Isawiyeh boys junior high school. It was established since 2003-2004.

Lately it has 16 classrooms, 455 students and 36 teachers.

Our school is joining many pedagogical projects including ( Amereem) : a project through which excellent, hardworking students  acquire creative skills in Science and math’s.

The second project is (the after school teaching centre) it is a programme which teaches students and helps them with their homework after school.

The third project is (steps to success) a programme which enables students with low academic performance to get the chance to achieve success through appropriate teaching methods that fit their requirements and needs.

 Besides, Our school is also considered as a community school since it gives the parents their role to participate and share their experiences with their kids in most of the school’s activities especially the community ones.

Recently our school is joining the, GLOBE  Programme.

Our school participates in many activities such as farming; we grow plants in a greenhouse and watch their growth stages. We also participate in sports competitions with other schools.

Our school also has a remarkable role in the voluntary work with the surrounding community for instance, We pick olives with the residents, clean the village, visit hospitals and so on.


Organization Info

Organization Information

Esawiyeh Junior High School for boys
Schools street 53 Esawiyeh
East Jerusalem 

Phone: 97225321844
Email: N/A
Website: N/A

GLOBE Information

Year Joined: 2017
Latitude: 31.79
Longitude: 35.25
Elevation (meters): 720

School Information

Grade Levels: Secondary: 7-12
School Type: 
Student Count:  100
Principal: Khader Abeid