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Getting Science to People! Times of Malta Runs Article on GLOBE!

Photo of people at a GLOBE training in Malta

The Times of Malta recently published an article, “Can’t Get People to Science? Get Science to people!” promoting The GLOBE Program in Malta as a way to attract young people to science.

“We can either moan about and blame others for the dwindling numbers of people engaging in science or we can critically review our strategies and propose science through innovative modes that are inclusive, participative and relevant,” the article’s author, Professor Paul Pace (the GLOBE Country Coordinator in Malta), said, “Nationwide events promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), educator training, investment in resources and popularisation campaigns are key elements in attracting young people to science.”

The article explains that the Ministry for Education’s Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes and the University of Malta’s Faculty of Education have been at the forefront of Malta’s scientific advancement endeavor, as witnessed by an increasing number of students choosing science subjects in school. “Among the initiatives hosted by the directorate, the Globe programme provides such an opportunity by promoting the teaching and learning of science, enhancing environmental literacy and stewardship, while fostering scientific discovery.”

As an example of increasing interest and involvement in science, STEM, and The GLOBE Program, the article points to the recent training conducted by Bára Semeráková and Dana Votápková from GLOBE’s Regional Coordination Office for Europe and Eurasia, and Kim Martinez from the U.S. National Wildlife Federation/Eco-schools on the use of GLOBE resources, inquiry-based learning, and ways of using GLOBE materials to promote cross-curricularity. “Through outdoor hands-on sessions, teachers learned how to carry out meteorological measurements and how to observe and record data about the sky and clouds. They also tested out their hypotheses about the different microclimate in terrain with and without trees.”

“As the U.S. National Eco-Schools Coordinator, Ms. Martinez also conducted an interactive session to a group of Ekoskola link persons about the innovative ways through which the U.S. is addressing STEM via Eco-schools and Globe.”

To read the entire article, click here.*

Click here for more information about the GLOBE and Eco-Schools collaboration, and to find resources to help integrate GLOBE and Eco-schools in your school.


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