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2023 GLOBE Regional Meeting for Europe and Eurasia from 16-20 October in Riga, Latvia

The GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Meeting is a time for the GLOBE community to meet, exchange ideas and share experiences. More than 80 representatives of 24 countries, including Europe and Eurasia region states and the United States, attended the event, having diverse roles in the program: Country Coordinators, trainers, scientists, teachers, education experts, GLOBE alumni and U.S. Embassy representatives.

The first two days were for the GLOBE Country Coordinators to share the updates on the GLOBE Program implementation in schools in their country and do the networking for future projects. Among many other topics, this year coordinators discussed “The Year of Climate and Carbon” – how to connect national and regional activities to this campaign and how GLOBE is communicated to schools. Country Coordinators also shared their plans for this school year and invitations to activities and events that they prepare and are open to GLOBE participants from abroad.”

The second part of the week was dedicated to the GLOBE Community meeting which offered a successful format of a science education GLOBE Market combined with training, field workshops, excursions and GLOBE school visits.

The GLOBE Market was one of the very successful parts of the meeting where participants showcased activities, projects and good practices in two topics: Focus on Students/Connecting GLOBE, and Climate and Carbon.















For details on each workshop please check the event website.

To download materials, go to the Materials webpage.

“The GLOBE Regional Meeting of teachers and scientists from Europe and the USA was not only a significant event for me, but also an opportunity for mutual inspiration and collaboration. Involvement in the GLOBE program and cooperation with NASA open up new possibilities for science education for our students," one of the GLOBE teachers commented.

The 2023 meeting was hosted by GLOBE Latvia and the Malpils Regional Secondary School in Malpils.

The event was organized by GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Region Coordination Office in cooperation with GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Board and GLOBE Implementation Office, USA.





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