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A look back at the 2021 Spring Phenology Campaign

Thanks to the great enthusiasm of teachers, students and the big support of country coordinators and scientists, the 2021 Spring Phenology Campaign 2021 was a success.


Here are the main results:

  • 195 school teams from 22 countries followed 4 green-up and carbon activities

  • 47 collaboration groups worked together on school projects, created Wakelet or Padlet boards and exchanged data and experience

  • Schools contributed with over 3000 data entries to the GLOBE database and with 400 posts to the discussion forum

  • 105 have received certificates for active participation

  • 100 schools have been awarded badges for data entry or collaboration


You can see examples of projects developed by schools participating in the spring campaign in the recording of the final campaign webinar on sharing.

You can also see pictures shared on the Campaign discussion forum in the short videos

School green-up activities


School carbon activities



The Phenology campaign will continue with autumn green-down activities and will be announced in the second half of August.

News origin: Europe and Eurasia


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