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Celebrating Student Achievements at 2024 Virtual Student Conference


The GLOBE 2024 Virtual Student conference held online on 6 and 7 March showcased the fantastic work of GLOBE students from nine countries across Europe and Eurasia, providing them with a platform to present their projects to an international audience. Experts including Dorian Janney and Peter Falcon from NASA offered valuable feedback to the young presenters, enriching their learning experience.

Divided into three sessions based on student age groups, the conference featured 30 contributions, ranging from videos and songs to presentations in innovative formats like Story Maps and Bookcreator. Experienced GLOBE students took the role of keynote speakers to open each session.

"The conference showed that today's children can do great things. And it can start with watching the trees grow or a trip to the river. Having a teacher who encourages and guides them through their explorations, even a team of children can detect pollution in a stream in their village or suggest how to change a school garden to make it more drought-resistant. At the GLOBE Regional Office we are proud to enable students to share their expertise." comments Europe and Eurasia RCO coordinator, Bára Semeráková.

The showcase highlighted the students' diverse talents and brilliant projects and offered a glimpse into their experiences with GLOBE activities. The conference was also an opportunity for students to gain inspiration from experts for further GLOBE research and fostered a sense of community and achievement among participants.

The students are some of the brightest, most inquisitive minds with a special interest in their/our planet. I’m proud to be part of such a wonderful program and teach as well as learn from them. GLOBE students are the future and there’s no better place to hear their voices than the GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Virtual Student Conference." commented Peter Falcon, NASA.


Watch the recordings below:


The conference attracted strong attention and interest from schools, experts and other GLOBE friends, with approximately 300 participants connected from 19 countries joining. For the first time, outstanding projects were recognized in six categories, with 12 projects receiving awards. Prizes included packages of GLOBE materials or stipends to attend the GLOBE Student Conference in the Czech Republic on 22nd April 2024.

"Our team from St. Comán's Wood were so excited about participating in the conference today. It was such a valuable learning experience for them and so interesting to hear the other presentations." describes the experience Joan Mannion, a teacher at St. Comán's Wood.

We congratulate all the speakers for their excellent performances and thank all the teachers and experts for their vital support to the presenters and all the participants for their comments and for creating a nice and friendly conference atmosphere.

See projects and videos presented at the conference

Session 1: Primary Schools

Session 2: Upper Primary / Lower Secondary Schools

Session 3: Secondary School

News origin: Europe and Eurasia