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Developing a GLOBE Phenological Garden in Bad Lippspringe, Germany

Come and see the new GLOBE Phenological Garden, which is an inspiring collaborative initiative in Bad Lippspringe in Germany.

​​​​​​​   We had the pleasure to develop and plant the new Phenological  Garden in the area of Gesamtschule Bad Lippspringe together with teachers, students, trainers and partners on 22nd of March 2024. We hope the garden will grow as fast and as good as the excellent development of the young Gesamtschule in Bad Lippspringe. The event was a starter to present the image of the school as "School of Natural Heritage" in close cooperation with the GLOBE Program. The opening of the new phenological garden shows a solid base for the further development of GLOBE in Bad Lippspringe.

“We are proud to have organized planting the new phenological garden in Bad Lippspringe together with many people of the school community, as a focus for students`everyday research in different lessons and extra workshops, as an important step to widen the activities for working with GLOBE protocols in the Gesamtschule Bad Lippspringe and to communicate with the wonderful international community of GLOBE”, says Anna Heyne-Mudrich, GLOBE-Deutschland-Deputy Organizer for German GLOBE School and Environmental Education Organizations. ​​​​​​​

Investigation Areas: Biosphere

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