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Do you know that trees can tell stories? Tree Reporters Challenge

              During the period from October 22 to November 19 students coming from 8 GLOBE countries took role of the GLOBE Program Tree reporters and interviewed trees in their neighborhood. Come see and hear what amazing stories they have learned from the trees.

The best of 20 videos and 21 posters from Croatia, Lithuania, Malta, North Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Taiwan and Ukraine were selected by the Europe and Eurasia GLOBE Regional Office and presented through Tree TV and Tree Magazine to the international community at the webinar “Our Autumn with Trees” on December 1. Recording of the webinar is available HERE.

We´d like to give big thanks and congratulations to all students – GLOBE Tree Reporters – for their excellent conversations with trees and sharing stories through videos and posters!

All videos are available at the link

All posters you can find at the on-line Tree Magazine

​​​​​​​Tree Reporters Challenge was a part of the European Autumn Phenology Campaign organized by GLOBE Regional Office Europe and Eurasia. The Phenology Campaign will continue again in spring. 2022.

News origin: Europe and Eurasia


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