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GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Region Elects New Governance Board

Congratulations to the newly elected board members of the Europe and Eurasia Region! The election was organized at the Annual Meeting of Country Coordinators that took place in Toulouse, France in November.

The board helps to develop The GLOBE Program in cooperation with the Regional Coordination Office for the Europe and Eurasia Region. For example, they initiate international collaboration of GLOBE partners, support the campaigns for schools, and assist with organizing the GLOBE Annual Meeting of Country Coordinators. The board members serve as volunteers, and they contribute the best from their expertise and skills to the GLOBE community.

The board members meet once a month with the Regional Coordination Office during an online meeting. The first meeting of newly elected board took place in December.


Current members of the Board:

  • Laura Altin (chair), Country Coordinator of Estonia
  • Farid Hamdan (co-chair), Country Coordinator of Israel
  • Maaike Vollebregt, Deputy Country Coordinator of the Netherlands
  • Karl Schneider, Organizer for Higher Education Students and University-School Networks in Germany
  • Anthony Purcell, Country Coordinator of Ireland
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