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GLOBE Learning Expedition in Estonia

From 07-9 August, GLOBE Estonia held its annual expedition at the Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre in South Estonia. The event was organized in collaboration with Suure-Jaani Gymnasium, GLOBE Estonia, and GLOBE alumni. Students and teachers from Estonian GLOBE schools gathered under the pine trees for an active three-day program.

The annual event began with an opening ceremony, with kind words from Marisa Weisberg, representative of the Embassy of the United States in Estonia, Imbi Henno from the Ministry of Education and Science, and Evald Sepp, principal of Suure-Jaani Gymnasium. Students then gathered for two consecutive study sessions on a variety of GLOBE protocols, followed by an intriguing lecture on marshland research. Student teams were formed in the evening and given instruction on a creativity challenge - to create a GLOBE-themed commercial. 

On the second day, the teams worked outdoors with their supervisor, gathering data and taking all required measurements for their fieldwork. Each group got to choose their own topic of research by dividing six different topics among themselves. In the afternoon, the student groups began analyzing the data collected during fieldwork and composed a presentation of their findings. After dinner, each team showcased a video commercial they had made about GLOBE - something different from the usual acting challenge. The day concluded with a disco for students. 

The third and final day began actively with teams going head to head in GLOBE games. This year's GLOBE games featured Alias, GPS game, identifying plants, and a variety of measuring challenges. After GLOBE games, participants gathered at the conference hall to present the results of their expeditions. A distinguished panel gave each group feedback on their expedition presentations, generally deeming them interesting and professional. The 2017 expedition of GLOBE Estonia was wrapped up with a fun quiz about the activities of previous days, and, of course, an official closing ceremony. 

Story written by Johanna Raudsepp, photos made by Vivian Klimushev.

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