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New Poster GLOBE 365 – Seasonal Changes of Trees in Your Room

Thousands of beautiful pictures of trees have been collected in GrowApp, the smartphone application that students use to observe seasonal changes of trees. We had a tough time indeed to select the best of the best, but finally the brand new GLOBE 365, the poster that presents phenological changes over the year, is here.

You can stick your own pictures on the poster, conduct research to answer some of its questions or just bring a bit of garden to you room.

Download the poster.

Thanks to all the students and teachers who contributed to the database of photos taken by GrowApp.

GrowApp smartphone application allows everyone to make animations of trees, gardens, and landscapes by taking pictures with their smartphone. The app directly transforms these pictures in a time-lapse movie that shows changes over the seasons and even over the years. The app was developed for GLOBE Phenology Campaign for Europe and Eurasia by GLOBE Netherlands Foundation and partners. 

The spring campaign with observation of bud burst and greening up will start in January 2018.

Dana, Bára and Lenka

Europe and Eurasia Region Coordination Office

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