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The new school year with the GLOBE Program in Israel


On November 4, 2021, a conference was held to begin the activities of the GLOBE Program for the coming school year. More than 100 participants joined the event - teachers, school principals, supervisors and principals from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, representatives from the United States Embassy, and representatives from the GLOBE Program Europe and Eurasia.

The conference was opened with greetings by Dana Votapkova, GLOBE Regional Office Europe and Eurasia, who reviewed the GLOBE activities in Israel over the past year, and noted favorably the collaborations with Malta, and the deepening of learning by GLOBE students during a challenging year of a global epidemic. Additional greetings were said by Timothy Buckley, Environment, Science, Technology, Health Chief, U.S.Embassy Jerusalem - Branch Office Tel Aviv, Zivit Linder, Director Environmental Education Division at Ministry of Environmental protection and Ramona Mercieca, Deputy Director of the Globe Program, Malta.

Teachers shared their experience and projects that they presented at the 2021 GLOBE Virtual Regional Meeting Europe and Eurasia, with nice video clips.

Three keynote speakers gave an interesting presentation: 

Gilmor Keshet-Maor - PhD. Director of Science and Mathematics Division, Ministry of Education, Israel: Actions taken by the Ministry of Education to address the issue of the climate crisis

Noga Kronfeld-Schor- Prof. Chief Scientist, Ministry of Environmental Protection : The IPCC report: local implications and required actions

Brian A. Campbell, NASA Senior Earth Science Education and Communication: Trees around the Globe- the importance of monitoring trees in Israel.

Country Coordinator in Israel, Refaela Babish overviewed plans for the 2022 GLOBE Program in Israel:

“We plan to have three main campaigns during this school year:

  1. Trees around Israel
  2. Urban heat island
  3. I'm for the sea

In all campaigns there will be collaborative learning between Jews and Arabs, students will be monitored and researched various phenomena in the environment we will also deepen the collaboration with Malta.

Next we plan to have 2 teachers training that will focus on the climate crisis and will deepen the study of the various protocols of the GLOBE program.”


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Well done GLOBE Israel!!