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Tree Stories Project in Germany

Beautiful parks in the German towns Schloß Neuhaus and Bad Lippspringe with old trees that could tell us stories from the past. This was the starting point for the Tree Stories project, which ran from December 2021 to January 2023.

GLOBE-Deutschland organized the project in cooperation with a passionate team of students and teachers from the Gymnasium Schloß Neuhaus, Gesamtschule Bad Lippspringe, Realschule Neuhaus, Kindergarten im Schloßpark, and with scientists and other supporters.

To launch the project, a beech tree was planted in the local park. Pictures of the tree were displayed as part of an interactive exhibition at the Science Museum in Paderborn, showing how the tree changes over the seasons. The exhibition also included information about the tree-related activities of the GLOBE Program, a presentation on the history of the park and its trees, and artwork by the students. Not only child visitors enjoyed the opportunity to relax and listen to stories and tales about trees.

In addition to the exhibition, two lectures for youth and adults were organized as part of the project.

The project was very well received by the visitors and the city management. About 300 pupils and several teachers from kindergarten to 11th grade participated and learned more about trees.

For more information and photos see the presentation.


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