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GLOBE presentation to museum visitors in Zagreb


Vesna Lampić, kindergarten teacher, attended GLOBE workshop 2 years ago and was thrilled with the contents, believing that there is good basis for pre-school children activities. She wrote a Program (curriculum) for her kindergarten which involved Cloud observation according to the GLOBE protocol. After she and her colleagues successfully realized the Program, they concluded that GLOBE provides even more interesting, appropriate and adoptable contents, such as Green up and Green down protocols, the use of GrowApp application, as well as GLOBE Observer App. They decided that it would be a pity not to involve other kindergartens, so Vesna reached to the Ministry of Education with the suggestion of the Program that could be widely implemented, even on national level. The Program would encourage establishing of Learning Community, involving GLOBE schools, parents and local community. 

While waiting for the approval from the Ministry of Education, Vesna's friends came to the idea of organizing GLOBE presentation in the Museums' Night, January 31, in the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Zagreb. 

GLOBE presentation started with musical number, performed by Kindergarten Zapruđe children. They performed a GLOBE song, composed by one of the parents, who was also playing piano and lyrics were written by Vesna. 

After the opening, visitors of the Museums' Night went to see the GLOBE exhibition, prepared by NGO ZNAM (Croatian alumni association) where visitors could see the demonstration of the use of meteorological instruments, GLOBE and NASA's films on 2 big screens, cloud posters and many other exciting items.

Students and teachers from GLOBE school M.J. Zagorka prepared different activities for children, mostly connected with clouds and water cycle, but also with satellites and astronauts. Students were excellent animators and teachers to young visitors.

This event was the first one in the year of celebrating 25th anniversary of the GLOBE Program implementation internationally and also in Croatia.

Learn more about the event at the GLOBE Croatia FB page.



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News origin: Croatia