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GLOBE Student Seminar in Estonia


A GLOBE Student Seminar took place on February 17th in Tartu, Estonia. The one-day-event was hosted by the Kristjan Jaak Peterson Gymnasium, a GLOBE school, and its pupils in cooperation with GLOBE Estonia. The seminar was aimed at GLOBE students and welcomed 40 participants from all over Estonia.

The seminar featured 3 study sessions dedicated to giving students the knowledge and skills to utilize GLOBE online database. The participants learned how to navigate the GLOBE website and databases, how to use the data for school projects, and how to formulate creative research questions. The intense one-day seminar included a science theatre, where the students used active learning while being shown a variety of fun chemical experiments. After the seminar, the participants were very eager to be more involved in the GLOBE program and felt that they got great ideas on how to integrate GLOBE into their school projects.

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News origin: Estonia