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GLOBE Regional Meeting in Israel

From 06-10 November, GLOBE Israel hosted the GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Meeting and Training in Zichron Yaacov (the North of Israel).

Twenty-one GLOBE program Country Coordinators and Trainers, as well as  the GLOBE Implementation Office Director, Dr. Tony Murphy; GLOBE Web Developer Cornell Lewis; and Mrs. Dana Votapkova and Mrs. Bara  Sermakova, Europe and Eurasia Regional Coordination Office, were hosted by GLOBE Israel National Coordinator Dr. Farid Hamdan at the Israeli Ministry of Education and U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv IVLP alumni. 

On 06 November, Leslie Tsou hosted a working dinner for GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Meeting and Ministry of Education officials, including: ICT Department Dr. Ofer Rimon; Head of Information Systems Technology, Mr. Ronny Dayan; Head of Information Technology, Dr. Gilmore Keshet, Director of Science Division, Pedagogic Secretariat, and Dr. Aviva Breiner, Chief Inspector of Science and Technology.             

DCM Tsou emphasized the importance of STEAM education and the special role that The GLOBE Program plays in providing environmental education, conducting research, facilitating measurements, and collecting data for NASA, as well as bringing students from different communities together -- Israeli Jewish, Arab, Bedouin and Druze students, and religious and secular students from all over the country.

On 09 November, GLOBE Israel facilitated two school visits to Amal ElementaryJewish School in Kfar Yona (in the center of Israel) and Barta'a Junior High School (located in the Israeli Arab village Bartaa on the border with the Palestinian Authority), where GLOBE U.S. and European representatives had a superb opportunity to learn hands-on about GLOBE Israel activities in the Jewish and Arab sectors. Both visits attracted key officials, including the mayors of Kfar Yona and the Basma regional council, which proved again the willingness to take care of the planet Earth and bring hearts and minds together. The students demonstrated the measurements that they conduct using the GLOBE app and explained about the activities they are involved in all year-round.


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I had the honor to participate at the Globe Regional meeting in israel, as a school teacher from Rimonim school ,Gedera Israel.

The Conference highlights the importance of our work to the world and the global feelings as human no matter What nationality or religion you belong to.
special thanks to Dr. Farid Hamadan.

Gila Gross Kurant
It was a great meeting. With great pleasure I took part in it. Thanks for Farid. The atmosphere was unique. But as usual, not enough time to do everything that we would like.

As for future meeting:
it is worth considering using more time for training for new members. GLOBE is still rejuvenating! Some participants regretted that they can not participate in a larger number of workshops. In this case maybe parallel sessions are not the best.
Magda Machinko-Nagrabecka