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Rivers in Town: Rio School Project



Many cities in the world have been built on rivers, which cross them or bathe them tangentially. Over the centuries, rivers have been a very important means of transport and communication for the history, culture, and economy of the cities and have helped to define their identity over time.

Each river city is different from other river cities, yet they have many things in common.

Mantova skyline

In recent years, Labter-Crea Mantova and GLOBE Italia have developed a vision: a network of schools located in river cities, which can carry out scientific investigations on their rivers (such as those of The GLOBE Program), but also historical and artistic research, architectural, economic, etc., and sociological investigations on the type of relationship that binds citizens to the river. Schools could take photographs, define riverside tourist routes, create websites about their rivers, etc., and exchange all the information gathered with other riverside schools, as well as organize remote events together or, when the pandemic is over, organize class exchanges.

Rio Canal water quality monitoring by Senior High School in Mantova

In the "Water Bodies Collaboration and GLOBE Hydrosphere" session of the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting GLOBE Europe-Eurasia held yesterday, Labter-Crea Mantova, GLOBE Italy and the GLOBE Italia Association presented "Rivers in Town: the RIO School Project," a project born in 2017 in Mantua, at the request of Giulio Romano's Le Pescherie Foundation, for a chemical-bacteriological investigation of the waters of the Rio, the canal that crosses the city center from north to south, built at the end of the 22nd century.

Rio Canal

The RIO School Project over time has generated the RIO Project for the environmental, architectura,l and social recovery of the canal in order to bring it back to the center of city life. A project for schools catalyzed the conception of a project for the community, which the Municipality of Mantua and many stakeholers have married.

It seems good news that GLOBE Italia intends to share with the GLOBE community by submitting the presentation to the attention of country coordinators, teachers, students and scientists of GLOBE. You can launch it from the link posted below

Please, go to the presentation  RIVERS IN TOWN: RIO SCHOOL PROJECT

If you are a teacher, a country coordinator, a researcher and are interested in setting up the network of city schools, you can contact us. We can organize ZOOM meetings to begin discussing the aims, objectives, and dynamics of the network.

Sandro Sutti, Lorella Rigonat, Maria Pia Coceano
GLOBE ITALY Country Coordinators

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