GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Meeting: Collaborate, Share, and Inspire.

The Annual Meeting 2014 was hosted in Paralimni, Cyprus and brought together coordinators, scientists, teachers and trainers from 20 countries from the region and USA.

Collaborate. Share. Inspire. These were the most frequent words one could hear during the meeting. All the participants agreed that the opportunity to meet once a year gives them the right stimulation for work with the GLOBE Program. The meeting provides room to highlight success of students and teachers, discuss crucial points of program implementation across countries and learn from each other. Read the Country Reports and presentations to learn about GLOBE in each of 20 countries in the Region.

The event was opened by the representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus that supports GLOBE Program in Cyprus. Two days were reserved for the meeting of country coordinators and two days for teachers training.

Representatives of GLOBE, coming from places up north (Finland) to the most south (Israel) showed the diversity of approaches to science and environmental education within GLOBE. Participants came with ideas how to keep schools active and expand the program effectively. The Picture Contest campaign that is aimed to activate school profiles on and enhance mutual collaboration of schools was introduced by Board and Regional Office. Coordinators welcomed the campaigned and got ready to spread the call to teachers and students.

The workshop on scientist involvement examined steps that are essential to keep scientist with GLOBE and concluded with founding a scientific committee that will push the topic forward in Europe.

Successful collaboration among GLOBE schools have been presented by the coordinators of Germany, Israel and Ukraine. Coordinators have been invited to contribute to the new project Motivate and Attract students to Science (MASS) that collects best practices from science education and is fostered by GLOBE Regional Office. Another important topic, GLOBE Alumni, was opened and widely discussed. Collaboration with former GLOBE students bring many benefits to coordinators and schools as reported by participants.

Director of the GLOBE Program, Tony Murphy, introduced changes in the management of the program during his skype-in and explained a new role of working groups.

Saturday and Sunday, May 3-4 was dedicated to training in GLOBE protocols focusing on the topic of atmosphere, hydrology, land cover and web administration. 25 teachers from Cyprus, Belgium and Finland joined the session together with coordinators.

All the presentations and notes are available in the document tab of Europe and Eurasia page.


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