GLOBE Protocols and Learning Activities

With GLOBE protocols you can monitor a branch of your tree and observe the green up or green down of the leaves. 

Green up

Green down

GLOBE Data Entry

  • GLOBE data can be submitted using the GLOBE data entry app or on a desktop pc (after you took the data with the data sheet that you find above).
  • The GrowApp and GLOBE data entry app are currently not integrated so you can take a picture with the GrowApp separately from adding GLOBE data. 


Visualize GLOBE data


Looking at GrowApp data


Learning activities

  • A first look at phenology. Students explore patterns, similarities, and differences among plants at the same location.
  • A sneak preview of budburst. Students observe the relationship between budburst and temperature.
  • Green down (age 11-14). Students learn to ask questions while using the research cycle.
  • What's hidden in tree buds (age 11-14). Students get familiar with the structure of the buds of deciduous trees, they observe the bud sprouting and changes that trees undergo in spring.
  • Color Palette (age 11-14). Students record the color change of an observed tree.  
  • Confused buds (primary school). Students learn how to record measurements, sort and evaluate data.