Summer 2013 L2R Opportunities

From Learning to Research

Summer Opportunities

We have two opportunities for L2R teachers during the 2013 summer! 

If you are interested in participating in either (or both) of the opportunities, please let Julie know as soon as possible.  We are asking that you submit a lesson plan that you have used to teach in one of the three areas:

  1. Teaching about STEM careers
  2. Creating an IBL/PBL research project around climate
  3. Teaching about climate/climate change in general


1. Teacher Retreat - Breckenridge, Colorado, July 8-12, 2013.  The 8th and 12th will be travel days, the 9th through the 11th will be be work and fun days.  We will cover all expenses associated with this trip.  The purpose of the trip is to create a deliverable to share with other teachers, scientists, and organizations on:

    1) Teaching about STEM careers
    2) Creating an IBL/PBL research project around climate
    3) Teaching about climate/climate change in general

This will be a working retreat in the gorgeous mountains and we will leave the meeting with a guidebook or some sort of useful deliverable.  Also, if you have worked closely with a scientist for your project, please let us know!  We would like to have several scientists come as well. 

Family and friends are also welcome to stay with you, but we can't arrange travel or pay for their expenses.  As long as they fit in your room, though, there will not be any extra lodging expenses. 

2. The GLOBE Annual Meeting - Aug. 12-16, 2013 at the University of Maryland and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
We can take teams of teachers, students, and chaperones to the meeting.  Each team will present their research at the Student Research Exhibition and will take part in the meeting - including a tour of NASA Goddard, participating in protocols, and possibly giving a short talk at the meeting.  On Wednesday night, we will hold a dinner meeting, where we discuss the items produced at the teacher retreat with the teachers, students, and chaperones.  We will cover all expenses associated with the meeting and travel to/from the meeting for the teachers, students, and chaperones.