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Welcome to the GLOBE Program Virtual Exchange Toolkit Web Page!

On this page you will find information about what a Virtual Exchange Program is, how to conduct a Virtual Exchange Program, links to resources to support your Virtual Exchange Program, including the GLOBE Program Toolkit, and sharing your program experience with the GLOBE community.

About Virtual Exchanges

Do you and your students want to connect virtually with other teachers/students about your GLOBE research and other activities?  

Do you want to learn what GLOBE schools in other parts of the world or your country are doing?  

Do you want to develop and conduct a collaborative GLOBE research project that enables your students to compare and analyze environmental conditions in different locations?  

Are you interested in connecting virtually with other members of the GLOBE community to learn about their history and culture and share yours? 

Virtual exchanges can help facilitate these and more by providing opportunities for face-to-face dialogue and discovery,

How to Conduct a Virtual Exchange Program

Sample Virtual Exchange using video conference

Virtual Exchange Programs include a combination of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (offline) exchanges between two groups of participants.

The GLOBE Virtual Exchange Program offers the opportunity for GLOBE community members to engage with their counterparts on projects that promote STEM skills, mutual understanding, and collaboration.


For your Virtual Exchange Program, you will need at a minimum the following resources. A more detailed Virtual Exchange Toolkit outlining steps, program ideas, and a suggested timeline can be found in the following Virtual Exchange Program Resources section.

  • High speed internet access for video sessions.

  • Access to video conferencing software.

    • Zoom, Facebook Live, Google Hangout are a few examples.

  • At least a few hours each month to plan and participate in Virtual Exchange sessions.

Content Ideas

  • Shared GLOBE Protocols

  • Shared GLOBE Campaigns

  • Shared science research using GLOBE protocols

  • Country cultural and history information

  • Shared language learning: learn and practice science related-vocabulary from each participating country. Additionally, seek out exchange partners in countries in which a language your students are currently learning is spoken.

Virtual Exchange Program Resources

The GLOBE Program Virtual Exchange Toolkit

  • The Virtual Exchange Toolkit provides step by step instruction on how to facilitate a Virtual Exchange Program with another GLOBE Trained Teacher.

Good Virtual Exchange matches include:

  • Grade level compatibility.

  • Work on similar research, protocols, campaigns.

  • Common language.

  • Aligned academic calendar and breaks.

Additional Program Tools

Connect to GLOBE Teachers using the GLOBE Find a Collaboration Partner tool 

Time Zone Calculator

GLOBE International STEM Network

Sharing Your Virtual Exchange Program Experience with the GLOBE Community

Following your Virtual Exchange Program, share your experience with the GLOBE Community in a GLOBE Stars Story or GLOBE News Item.

Your experience is a valuable resource for the GLOBE community. Highlighting information about how you conducted your Virtual Exchange Program, and what your students gained from the experience supports other GLOBE community members in conducting similar exchanges.

Please refer to the submission instructions for GLOBE Stars and GLOBE News Items.

GLOBE Stars:

GLOBE News Item: Send GLOBE news items to

Learn More about the GLOBE Virtual Exchange Toolkit Pilot Program